Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fringe Online Magazine Features MiLi Jo, TWICE=)

MiLi Jo featured as Fashion designer in Fringe magazine 003, August issue, WHAT AN AMAZING INTERVIEW!!!  DOWNLOAD YOUR ISSUE NOW! GET READING!


...the following month, low and behold MiLi Jo is the featured Mens Stylist in September issue 004.  

God is good=)

I've attached a few pictures of MiLi Jo's male model, who represented MiLi Jo so well in the September issue..

below a few tips for the male's:

Men’s styling tips by MiLi Jo:


“It’s all about…

Being comfortable this season, doing what you do best in what looks best!  MiLi Jo is about to take all your unnecessary stress about “WHAT’S HOT” away and make this your easiest spring shopping experience EVER!!!- something like a walk in the park: ), now hold my hand and let’s go STYLING: )”


Michel Lisa Johannessen.


  • What’s HOT right NOW???


What every male should own this spring:


Denim shirts are making an appearance again, and this time it’s a must to have one!  You might have missed it a few years back, but if its up to me, you not going to this time!  Denim shirts go perfectly with a pair of well-fitted Chino’s, DON’T even try accompanying them with jeans! You not wanting to wear Denim suit, or are you??? Chino’s could be found at Woolworths till Ackerman’s… just make sure your buttocks fits into a pair before next season… now those Chino’s have belt loops don’t they? Next step- Get yourself a Brown Leather belt and keep those pants up!


  • A Denim Shirt.
  • A pair of Chino’s.
  • A Brown Leather belt.





Who ever told you shoes don’t matter LIED!!! Boat shoe’s suit everyone, so get yourself a pair, once again found at Woolworths till Mr. Price.  Veld Skoene- Country Road has the most beautiful Brown Leather pair- interested in denting your budget??? Then do yourself a favour and get them!!! Now last but not least- NO SOCKS, show those sexy ankles- simply wear secret socks… easy!


  • Boat shoes.
  • Veld skoene.
  • NB:  NO socks OR at least keep them a secret even with smart shoe’s.



Styling tips:


Be a man and make yourself look good, just like your mommy taught you!  Get up 5 minutes earlier, it’s not going to kill you, it’s only going to make more heads turn: )

Style those harriets, tie on those bracelets, check which hat of yours suits your look best!  P.s try not to spend too much time in front of the mirror worrying about how you look, trust MiLi Jo styling, get some confidence, it’s hotter on a well dressed man!


  • Groom your hair well,
  • Accessories: chains, belts, scarves, bracelets, glasses, bags.
  • ALWAYS Roll up them hems!


Model: Michael Johannessen


Just a little example on how to pull this look off…: )


p.s I’ve attached a few so you could choose which ones work best…


As shown in pictures:



  1. Roll up them hem’s.
  2. Chino’s are the new denim’s.
  3. Tie your shirts right up to the last button, and suck, I mean tuck it in!!!
  4. Groom those harriets.
  5. Accessorize- be it bracelets (the more the merrier) accompanied by a straw hat.
  6. Leather belts, not to be left out the equation!
  7. Man bags- the BIGGER the Better!



  1. WANT a more casual look???

Throw on a printed/ patterned long sleeve top.  Accompanied with the above of course!

download your very own copies of these issues @ www.fringe-mag.com

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