Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addressed To All Gentlemen.

It has been said your generation has been wiped out. That every gentleman, young and old, have passed on. Some tell the tale differently they claim the other tribe has forced you away from home. Others exclaim that the women bizarrely craved being treated poorly or constantly returned to the tribe where all were accustomed to infidelity.

Is it true as they say that it killed you inside? That you fought for years to win back their hearts, yet they would not return? They left along with the other tribe, it tore your heart to pieces. It sliced at your thoughts, seeing how your queens were mistreated, yet they refused to pay attention. Oh how you prayed for them, dedicated them to your heavenly father each night. Funny how you still accepted them back, how you turned your cheek, yet you were the one who was left to face lonely nights. All lead you to feel it was time to journey along to the next nation.

Is it true that you later joined their evil tribes? Or did you remain faithful to your ancestors?

Countless young ladies have crossed my path affirming the tales that you no longer exist, not failing to mention many have come in your name, luring them to believe it was you, yet they were false prophets. Sooner or later they were exposed, as they were unable to keep up with your beautiful conduct!

Is it true that you extinct? Many times I've covered my ears not wanting to hear their lies, but you've been gone so long it's easier for my heart to believe these tales than hope. That is why I'm writing you this note, asking you where are you? Are you coming back?

Tell me now so that i can at least move on, if you not returning. How many more sleepless nights am I to face? Wishing you next to me... Father, I'd pray, "bring him safely home to me, and if it's not me he belongs with, that You'd lead him to that princess his meant to make happy".

Have you passed to the afterlife? Have you perhaps settled along the coast with the most deserving queen? Do you even live at the address I'm addressing this note to? Could it be that so many fathers have told fables to their daughters, of how there knight in shining armour would rescue them one day? Could it be that I've saved my heart for a lie, that I've mended my heart for heartbreak?

Please tell me that all I hear does not relate to you at all, I beg you to be the truth in this world of lies. Tell me you around the corner, tell me you'll be arriving on ship next week. Tell me i stole your heart the moment you saw me. Tell me God whispered in your ear, that I'm your lady.

Please write back

p.s if you are unable to for some reason, could it be arranged for a cousin or friend to reply, I need to know!

Don't allow my heart to give up on you!

Michel Lisa Johannessen