Thursday, January 12, 2012

Compliments of the season.

Compliments of the season to all MiLi Jo supporters. I wish you love, happiness, all your hearts desires, cupcakes and pony rides, rainbows and sunflowers for 2012.

2012 holds much, both MiLi Jo and her owner Michel Lisa Johannessen, looks forward to sharing new beginnings and exciting adventures that lie ahead with YOU!

This year, MiLi Jo intends on taking all the bold steps in the right directions.

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MiLi Jo.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spring / Summer Collection 2011

Spring / Summer Collection 2011

Spring / Summer Collection 2011

Spring / Summer Collection 2011.

As Fashion Designers we constantly expected to make pretty pictures, but as usual I didn't want to create just another pretty picture, but more a picture that tells a story...

A story many can relate to... relive childhood memories and long lost games we once played in the streets. In our communities with friends and family! When technology wasn't all we knew!

Pictures that speal to not only the eye but to the heart.

This Spring and Summer relive those stories with MiLi Jo.


Fashion Designer: Michel Lisa Johannessen

Assistant: Adrian Williams

Photographer: Seemaa Allie

Make- up Artist: Javin Jagers

Location: Factreton

Saturday, August 27, 2011

a few weeks back, Photographer Vicki Tertiens, aspiring model Tiffany Johannessen and MiLi Jo packed their bags, camera's, good looks and creative idea's!

Off they went without the faintest idea of where they were going to shoot but passion drove them all the way to Town...

... and low and behold the beautiful Cape Town, had hidden treasures around almost every corner, eventually settling in and creating ...

"the homeless Rag Doll"


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"MiLi Jo Styling Tips; For women who want to look Longer and Leaner."

1.Dress in One Colour

Dress ALL in one colour from your top to your shoes. Don’t forget to match your tights or stockings to your outfit too. Dark colours slim, so try Black, Navy, Charcoal, Burgundy, Deep Green, or Purple.

2. Wear Clothes That Fit Well

Wear garments that fit you well. Fitted or semi-fitted clothing looks better on petites than loose-fitting apparel. Avoid garments that have a lot of design ease because all that extra fabric adds bulk and can make short women look heavier than they really are.

3. Select Garments With Vertical Lines

Select clothes with vertical lines. They don’t need to be striped. Vertical seam lines, such as princess seams, will do the trick.

4. Choose V-Shapes or U-Shapes

Choose tops and jackets with V-shaped or U-shaped necklines. These neckline styles aid in creating the illusion of height.

5. Wear High Heels

Wear high heels. It’s the easiest way to add height. Pumps and sling-backs are terrific, but avoid shoes with ankle straps. The strap breaks up the desirable vertical line, and makes the wearer appear shorter.
If you're worried about comfort, try high heels, such as the Green Cross/ Froggie / Tsonga brand with air technology to cushion your feet.

6. Avoid Bulky Garments

Watch out for bulky or highly textured fabrics. There’s no need to avoid texture completely, but stay away from fabrics with a lot of bulk. We want to appear taller, not broader. For sweaters, thin works better than thick.

7. Avoid Oversized Handbags

Stay away from huge handbags. Oversized bags are so big that they can seem to overwhelm short women. Select purses of medium size instead so that your bag will be in proportion to your smaller frame.

8. Skip Minis

Skip the mini-skirts and mini dresses. Although minis look great on women with long, slender legs, they don’t have the same effect for shorter women. The hem of a mini-skirt worn by a petite woman falls across a thick part of the thigh, making it more noticeable and making shorter legs look even shorter.

9. Keep Belts Narrow

Keep belts slim and match them to your outfit if you want to wear a belt. Wide or contrasting belts cut the figure in half and break up the vertical illusion that we want to achieve.

10. Choose Pants With Straight Legs

Wear jeans and pants with straight legs. To keep a slim line, choose pants without cuffs, bulky pockets, or pleats.

Much Love,

MiLi Jo.