Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MiLi Jo Fashion show- 7th July(Butterfly Studio)

MiLi Jo once again left her audience breathless, as she stepped out in her latest range on the 7th of July @ the newest "HOT" spot Butterfly Studio...

In the presence of the MAK1 art exhibition, MiLi Jo sported her latest Artwork as well!!! This MAGICAL event was attended by all who consider themselves... 

<<fashion forward>> .

 Bloggers, Designers, Photographers, Stylists, Models all who truly know whats hip and happening were to be seen at this event

Red Bull has now come on board and their branding and product will be at all MiLi Jo's  future endevours!

it was said  "MiLi Jo made Cape Town feel like the runways of Milan..."  if this is true allow MiLi Jo to take you on an unforgettable trip around the world:)

be sure to keep your eyes on MiLi Jo... soon she will be found in the trendiest boutiques!!!

much love


MiLi Jo.

p.s the passion that lies between MiLi Jo and her owner Michel Lisa Johannessen is undeniably intense.  No mistake is made when one says this love affair will only grow from strength to strength!!!

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  1. What a great show Mili Jo...Design For Style appreciated working with you...DFS=Mili Jo= Growth!